Professional Counselling for Stockport & Manchester

A very warm welcome to my site. 

Starting counselling is often quite a scary prospect. You may already feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of therapists available in your local area- what do the different qualifications and approaches mean? Who is most experienced? Who will be able to help me the best?

Although there are many different types of therapy to choose from, the one thing that nearly all counsellors can agree on is that the relationship is the most important aspect of therapy.

I am a warm, genuine professional, experienced and highly-qualified therapist who loves what she does.


  • You know your problems inside out but still can’t seem to resolve them.
  • You have talked your issues through deeply with those closest to you but still feel stuck.
  • You’re doing your very best but can’t seem to unlock your full potential.
  • You become overwhelmed by your feelings and can’t seem to control them.

Together we will start to unravel the underlying reasons you’re seeking support. This might include looking back in time to see what brought us here, and discussing where you’d like to be in the future.

We will look at the things that are helping you in life and the things that aren’t so useful – maybe self limiting beliefs or certain coping strategies. The process will help you understand and accept yourself deeper than you thought possible so that you can move forward without fear.

By seeing something in a new way or simply trying something different, it makes sense that the outcome will also be different. Therapy is about helping you broaden your current awareness and see the additional pieces of the puzzle just outside your reach.

We all need a helping hand from time to time so let’s get started –
I am trained to help you solve your problems.

Read what others have to say – client testimonials here.

As featured on Counselling Directory Register and the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) Professional Standards Authority Accredited Register (Registered number 202917).

Steph Jones Counselling
(MBACP PGDip BSc Hons)

t: 07545 339 175

Professional Counselling and Psychotherapy for individuals and couples in Stockport, South Manchester, Cheshire and Manchester.

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