“I cannot recommend Steph highly enough. A genuinely warm and caring person with razor-sharp perception for honing in on the issues. Always supportive and bringing insightful contributions to the sessions.” – Anon (October, 2018)

“I had my first session with Steph after suffering 15 years of anxiety, depression and low (or no) self-esteem, in an abusive relationship and struggling with a new job. I immediately felt at ease and from the very first session more able to cope. Steph is warm, empathetic, intuitive and an amazing communicator, and I genuinely felt that for the first time I had someone on my side. Although therapy wasn’t easy, it became something I looked forward to each week and I made more changes to my life than I ever could have hoped for in a very short time. I thought I was self-aware before therapy, but Steph has really helped me understand myself and has given me the tools to change my self-destructive patterns of behaviour. Steph really is something special and can approach even the most difficult issues with warmth, patience and endless kindness. There aren’t enough words to express how grateful I am for Steph’s support and encouragement and the difference she has made to my life.” – Anon (August, 2018)

“I arrived on Steph’s ‘couch’ confused, anxious and feeling like I was going crazy. I had never had counselling before so I had no idea what to expect, or if I was doing the right thing. Steph couldn’t have been more welcoming and instantly put me at ease. It was like chatting with an old friend in their living room! Due to my work commitments, Steph and I had weekly sessions over FaceTime/ Skype – it felt just like I was there in the room with her. This shows what a fantastic listener and communicator she is; utterly attentive and never missing a word or a movement. I have learnt so much about myself over the last few months of having therapy with Steph, she has helped me know myself again. It’s no exaggeration to say she has helped totally turn my life around and I’m looking forward to a much happier, calmer future”. – Anon (July, 2018)

“I have suffered with emotional issues for forty years and had reached a time in my life when I realised I needed to get ‘fixed.’ I went into counselling not expecting too much but thank goodness I did. Steph welcomed me with a big smile and very relaxing demeanour. Never judgemental and always compassionate. Thank you Steph, with tears and laughter you encouraged me to open up and find the real me.” – Anon (Jan, 2018)

“Steph helped me overcome a number of emotional hurdles that had been stalling me for too long. She’s very accommodating, friendly and compassionate and helped to make me feel at ease in discussing a number of issues. I certainly feel more ‘myself’ for having gone through counselling with Steph and would recommend her services to anyone feeling out of sorts!” – Anon (Nov, 2017)

“I was a client of Steph’s for a number of months over the past year and she helped me considerably during a very difficult period of change in my life. I found Steph to be very professional at all times but flexible to my needs. She is very reliable and always available even when she sustained an injury one week!!! I would recommend Steph to anybody needing some support with life issues and would definitely see her again in the future if I felt I needed to access therapy.” – Kate (Sept, 2017)  

“Steph has a fantastic and relaxed demeanour, from the first session I felt relaxed and perfectly at ease. The sessions flew by, whilst I was helped to understand some of the personnel issues I was going through. It has been the most enlightening experience of my life and has enabled me to explore and develop in more ways than I thought possible. I constantly tell friends or colleagues that they should have a hour with Steph, although I cannot explain how or what she does, all I can is say is I’m happier now than I have been for over 10 years. The warmth and energy which emanates from her, enables the trickiest situations to be discussed with no judgement or negative connotation. A truly remarkable Therapist.” – Anon (Sept, 2017)

“Over the 8-months I had weekly sessions with Steph, I changed and learnt so much about myself. I had seen other therapists in the past who I didn’t find really helped me. It put me off seeing somebody again, until I became so low I decided I needed to give it one last try. And thank God I did, it was the best decision I made. Steph helped me so much. She helped me overcome my low self esteem and low self worth. She helped me to see I’m important and I matter. I realised I was spending so much time and energy on people and relationships with people who were toxic. Other areas she helped me with were grief, self harm and childhood issues. I looked forward to our sessions, as I knew I would leave feeling a millions times better than I did earlier on in the day. I will be forever grateful for all the help. For never judging me, for listening to what I had to say, and most importantly for helping me become me again. If I ever needed to seek help again I wouldn’t think twice, I would get in contact with Steph straight away. Thank you so much Steph x” – Anon (Sep 2017)

“I came into therapy without a clue where to start, it was all so overwhelming and just felt like a mountain crashing down on me. Steph helped me tackle everything piece by piece, and like joining the dots I could see how everything was interconnected. Working together gave me the tools and skills I need to move forward and I can’t thank her enough.” – Anon (2017)

“I entered into therapy after a lifetime of difficult relationships, each ending up pretty much the same way. Steph helped me explore some of these early relational patterns and help me figure out why I kept being attracted to the same types of partner. Since the therapy I feel more in control of my life, my choices and my boundaries and only accept what is right and healthy for me. ” – Anon (2017)

“You have an idea what therapy is going to be like but working with Steph really challenged that perception for me. She is warm and friendly and despite us tackling my challenges at times the process had me in stitches! I never felt stupid, or humiliated and genuinely felt like she was on my side. Just feeling like someone believes in you and accepts you is so empowering. It makes you believe in yourself eventually too.” – Anon (2017)

“I just wanted to thank you for all the listening and help you have given me, helping me move forward and getting ‘unstuck’. You’ve been a fantastic help and I’m an ambassador for that help!” – Anon (2016)

“I can’t say what Steph has done for me, she has quite literally changed my life. I always felt I knew who I was before but now I feel so much more confident, self-reliant and comfortable in my own skin. It might sound silly, but I really do feel I’ve become a person.” – Anon (2015)

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