Life Coaching in Stockport

“Life was like a constant stream of chaos and I felt I was failing as a mother, wife and friend. Steph inspired me to find the blockages, take charge of myself, and achieve the personal goals I’d been talking about for years. The whole process was eye-opening and fun, I feel alive again! She’s like the Stockport version of Queer Eye!!”

CLIENT, 2019

From Survival to Life Coaching in Stockport

I came from a broken home and was raised by my Mum who struggled with alcoholism and mental health issues. In my mid-teens she began a long-distance relationship with an abusive man and soon moved 200-miles away leaving me on my own. By seventeen I was essentially homeless, going from place to place with my bin-bag of clothes and feeling like a very tiny clueless fish in an overwhelming adult pond.

I was determined not to let my difficult start change the course of my life and drew upon my inner strengths and resourcefulness to help guide me through. Through sheer determination, perseverance, strength, and ingenuity I went onto achieve professional and academic success, recognise my dreams of becoming a professional counsellor, psychotherapist and life coach in Stockport, become a published writer, set up my own business, and even found my soulmate.

From Hollow Victories to Walk the Walk

But behind closed doors I didn’t feel OK and privately battled with depression, anxiety, and PTSD (despite years of therapy). I suffered a complete burnout in my early thirties which later led to a formal diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome. Something had to give – endless striving certainly wasn’t working out for me and I soon realised that this strategy was making things worse. Yes, I had been hitting my targets, but at what cost? Inside I was exhausted, demotivated, bored and empty. It wasn’t until my health hit rock bottom that I took major steps to shift up my lifestyle, completely transform myself, let go of old thinking patterns and develop the toolkit I am now excited to share with you.

Why do I need a Life Coach in Stockport?

Why do we need personal fitness trainers? Why do we watch cookery programmes when we have recipe books?! Scientific research tells us that collaborative teamwork helps to fuel our creativity and improve our ideas, increase productivity and motivation, feel less stress, take smarter risks, and ultimately achieve better results.

As socially complex creatures we can often find ourselves in situations where despite knowing precisely what we need to do, we just can’t seem to do it (sound familiar?!). For some people it’s a question of not feeling motivated, for others, feeling so overwhelmed that they can’t see the woods for the trees. In my experience as a life coach in Stockport the blockages which keep us from recognising our full potential usually comes down to a combination of self-limiting beliefs, a lack of resourcefulness or knowledge, unhelpful patterns and relational dynamics, and in 99.9% of cases self-doubt!

A lot of my Stockport based clients ask me what the difference is between therapy and life coaching and whilst it’s fair to say there’s some degree of cross over, a simple way of looking at it is that therapy is a non-directive approach to working through your problems (e.g. resolving past trauma), compared to life coaching which is an active directive process concerned with creating a vision, goal setting, developing strategies and working collaboratively to achieve results.

What’s my approach to Life Coaching in Stockport?

I’ve worked with thousands of clients to help them get the most out of life and am deeply inspired by the work of Tony Robbins, Louise Hay, Eckhart Tolle, Ram Dass and Brené Brown. I utilise a broad range of life coaching techniques amassed from my considerable experience and qualifications in project and change management (PRINCE2™), leadership, supervision and mentoring (The Institute of Leadership and Management), counselling, psychotherapy and life coaching including: cognitive and behavioural theories; cultivating authenticity, self-compassion and gratitude; improving intuition; activating your growth mindset; embracing action; learning effective organisational and planning skills; and developing pro-active daily habits.

I work holistically and honour the fact that with all the best intentions in the world, real change will not occur unless we fully integrate our bodies and our minds. It’s so important to ensure we have good quality nutrition, exercise and relaxation time as we work towards our goals – seriously, you can’t run a car without petrol!


As an experienced life coach in Stockport I believe in the power of human potential and am passionate about helping people tap into their own energy source of flow. Life coaching is about optimising and sharpening our focus so that we can begin to reside in an ongoing dynamic state of growth. There are a great many ‘wellness/ self-care coaches’ out there who do not have formal training in human psychology which can often leave clients feeling like failures as they struggle to reach their goals.

Rest assured, I hold a Postgraduate Diploma (PG Dip/ Level 7), Postgraduate Certificate (PG Cert) and Graduate Certificate in Counselling and Psychotherapy and have undertaken hundreds of additional training hours in psychology, self-improvement and life coaching. I’m a registered member of the BACP (MBACP), listed on the Accredited Register Scheme (Professional Standard Authority), hold an Enhanced DBS check, and am fully insured and clinically supervised.

For a full list of my skills, training, experience and qualifications please click here.

Only by digging deep and appreciating what our real physical and psychological blocks are can we truly begin to move forwards. Relax, you’re in safe hands!

Life Coaching in Stockport is suitable for those wishing to:

☑️ Clear blockages and self-limiting beliefs
☑️ Break old patterns and take control
☑️ Reduce stress, anxiety, depression, self-doubt, inner critic voices, and self-sabotage
☑️ Get your priorities straight
☑️ Set and achieve manageable goals
☑️ Make better decisions and tap into your internal compass
☑️ Improve your performance in relationships, business, finance, spirituality and well-being
☑️ Enhance connections and communication skills
☑️ Build self-esteem, confidence and mastery
☑️ Shift your energy, focus and mind-set
☑️ Rediscover (or discover!) your motivation and enthusiasm
☑️ Work smarter, not harder (broaden your capacity)
☑️ Develop healthy new habits
☑️ Make a fresh start

I’m interested in Stockport Life Coaching so where will we meet?

Some clients prefer to meet in their own home, some in a quiet environment (coffee shop, office, restaurant, park), whilst others choose to meet at my Stockport life coaching practice or via video-call. Sometimes it’s helpful to see you in action so I can get a feel of what your life is really like – but again that’s something we will decide together during our initial free consultation.

How many sessions will I need?

That’s entirely up to you and how willing you are to embrace the work we do together. The changes you make can only come from within, and life coaching requires a certain level of determination and focus on your part. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink..! That said, my key strengths lie in motivating, inspiring and energising others – who said change had to be difficult and boring?!

I tend to work with people for around 6, 9 or 12 structured sessions depending on what they want to achieve then offer appointments on an ad-hoc basis allowing you time to grow the seeds we will plant together.

How long is a session of Life Coaching in Stockport?

Sessions last for an hour and a half (90-mins). I only take on clients who are committed, open to the process, prepared to take on-board constructive feedback, and work diligently towards the goals and timescales they set for themselves. The results will speak for themselves – do you want to be shaped by life, or create the life you want? Are you ready?! You got this!! 💪

The overall feel of Stockport Life Coaching is high energy, encouraging, empowering, fun and self-reflective. There will be tears, laughter, frustration and finally, release from the things that are holding you back.

We like results, we do. 😉

Steph x

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1 thought on “Life Coaching in Stockport

  1. STEPH! I can’t thank you enough for your help in getting my (pardon my language!) sorted. I wish I’d have done this years ago but like we said tomorrow never comes unless you set your intentions and actions today. I feel like I’m not drowning for the first time in a long time and I’m more confident to ask for the help I need. Can’t recommend Steph enough, thank you so much. Toni xx

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