How does therapy work?

Working in collaboration we will develop a strong, secure and safe relationship which will act as the catalyst for facilitating your change.

Although I won’t tell you what to do (after all my version of the perfect life will likely be different to yours!) it may be helpful to think of me as a kind of coach – guiding you on and constructively challenging any held beliefs, behaviours or patterns holding you back.

It’s really important to note that therapy isn’t just talking about your problems- it is a fully interactive process. It takes many years to qualify as a therapist and we are trained to listen very carefully- not just to what is being said but also for how things are said. Subtle nuances in communication can often give much away about our real feelings when brought into conscious awareness.

Counselling isn’t about advice giving – if anything it’s less thinking, more feeling

Part of therapy is about helping you explore your own thought processes and their underlying emotional triggers. By learning to accept our feelings and embracing what is, we can start to heal old hurts, develop skills and move forwards with confidence.

What is a talking therapy?

A talking therapy is exactly what it says on the tin! Within my sessions I encourage you to discuss whatever comes to mind and no topics are off-limit. You don’t need to prepare for our sessions, there’s no formal agenda, and you won’t be set any homework to do either.

Do I need to have a mental health diagnosis to go to therapy?

Not at all. In the same way you’d go and see a personal trainer if you wanted your body to be in prime condition you can also use therapy in the same way. If you feel you would benefit from a mental health assessment click here for more information. 

Perhaps you might not even feel that you have a ‘problem’ to solve but would simply value space to talk to an impartial qualified professional in complete confidence.

I work with all kinds of clients experiencing all kinds of concerns.


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