Fees & Sessions

Our first step is to arrange a consultation session to see if we might be able to work together. During this appointment you can tell me what brings you to therapy and I’ll tell you whatever you’d like to know about the process. Feel free to size me up! If you do wish to go ahead you will be offered an appointment held at the same time on the same day each week so please consider if that is practical for you.

I’ve put together a short guide which you might find handy in preparing you for our first session.

Pricing Structure:

Individuals – £50

  • 50-minute sessions  
  • Face-to-face
  • Online sessions

Relationship Therapy (also known as) Couples Counselling – £80

  • 50-minute sessions
  • Extra length sessions (90-minutes) available at extra charge
  • Face-to-face only (online unavailable for this type of work)

Improving Relationships – Friends & Family Counselling – £80 

  • 50-minute sessions
  • Maximum 2-people
  • Face-to-face only
  • Please note this kind of counselling is not to be confused with family mediation and I do not offer legal advice

Our work together is open-ended and you choose when you feel ready to finish. You are not financially tied into sessions or required to pay anything upfront. 


One of the first sensible questions people often ask is how long will I be in therapy? It’s impossible to answer this as self-exploration is a journey and not a destination. It is above all a process

Whilst it can be helpful to have an idea of what you’d like to work out and some tangible goals, not everyone knows what’s troubling them and that’s totally OK too. I am incredibly wary of practitioners who claim to offer quick fix solutions to lifelong problems which usually only lifts someone temporarily. 

It takes time, effort and personal commitment to undergo change and I think it’s helpful to view therapy as a process of becoming (not doing!). Your therapy space will be yours for as long as you need it – however long that will be is entirely up to you.

We are not broken machines with faulty components to diagnose and fix. We may be hurt but we can heal. Be patient with yourself and the process.

Exploring the human mind can feel a bit like opening Russian Dolls

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