I offer all new clients an initial 20-minute assessment free of charge via Zoom.

During this appointment you can tell me what brings you to therapy and ask me anything you’d like to know about the process. Following the assessment we may decide to work together or I might suggest a more appropriate referral based upon your specific needs. The session will give us an idea as to how it feels working together, so feel free to size me up!

All subsequent sessions last for 50-mins.

Individual Therapy

Couples / Relationship


One of the first sensible questions people often ask is how long will I be in therapy? It’s difficult to answer this as we’re all unique. I offer short and long term work and we can assess your individual needs in our consultation. My contracts are open-ended meaning that you decide when you feel ready to end. We will also review your progress regularly to ensure the work is on course to supporting your needs.

Whilst it can be helpful to have an idea of what you’d like to work on, not everyone knows what’s troubling them and that’s totally OK too. I am often wary of practitioners who claim to offer quick fix solutions to lifelong problems which usually only provides temporary feelings of relief.

We are not broken machines with faulty components to diagnose and fix. We may be hurt but we can heal. Be patient with yourself and the process.

Exploring the human mind can feel a bit like opening Russian Dolls

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