(Updated October 2017)

I am currently working with Dr. Danielle White (Research and Education Consultant, Manchester University) on developing a programme which will support PhD Graduates through their transition.

As part of its research stage we are currently recruiting for a number of PhD Graduates to support us in the development – this commitment will include participation in two half-day focus group workshops and further informal ongoing contributions.

The course will aim to navigate and support graduates in areas such as:

  • Business coaching
  • Communication skills (translating academia into business acumen)
  • Change management at all levels (practical, emotional)
  • Coping with uncertainty/ Managing and preventing burnout
  • Support tools: Psychological and motivational (inc. ability to self-reflect)
  • Strengthening inner-guidance/resourcefulness and identifying limiting any core beliefs
  • Establishing and reclaiming presence (moving into feeling centres)
  • Identifying needs and ensuring our direction serves us in this way
  • Establishing and keeping a healthy work/life balance (setting appropriate boundaries)
  • Finding the authentic self

Keywords: Life transition, life-coaching, unlocking potential, focus, direction, managing change.

For more details please get in touch via my contact page.

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