Warm and Professional Counselling for Stockport, Cheshire and Manchester

“Steph really is something special and can approach even the most difficult issues with warmth, patience and endless kindness. There aren’t enough words to express how grateful I am for Steph’s support and encouragement and the difference she has made to my life.” – Client, August 2018

Embarking on therapy can seem overwhelming and getting started is often the hardest part. The client and therapist match is much like a jigsaw puzzle and has to be the right ‘click’ so that the work can get done.

Counselling for Stockport

It’s important to connect with your therapist and feel that you are in a safe and accepting environment where you can speak freely. In certain types of therapy the practitioner will put themselves in the position of ‘expert’ and try to ‘direct’ you to what they think is right or acceptable.

However, I work to ensure that you are in the driving seat so you can start to feel healthy, confident and empowered. This is your life and no one can tell you how to live it.

Unravelling the past can feel confusing, painful and incredibly overwhelming but in order for us to move on we need to revisit those chapters and make sense of how we have been affected. I’m interested in finding out what’s happened to you, not what’s ‘wrong’ with you.

My role is to carefully listen, support and guide you, and allow us to think about any beliefs, behaviours or patterns which might be holding you back. It’s important to note that therapy isn’t just talking about your problems- it is a fully interactive relational process. Together we will form a strong alliance built on trust, respect and safety allowing you to share your private thoughts, reflections, stories and emotions without the fear of being judged or shamed. A common myth is that counsellors give you advice on how to do things. In reality the process is more about finding autonomy.

Therapy gives us an opportunity to reflect on our place in the world, think about how we interact with others, work through difficult experiences and become more aware of our emotional triggers. By accepting our feelings and compassionately embracing what is we can begin to heal old hurts, develop new skills, lean into healthy decisions and move forwards with confidence.

A little bit about me….

Before my training I worked in charitable project management and radio broadcasting (XFM, BBC, Galaxy, SHOCK FM, Manchester Radio Online, 106.6fm, FAB Radio International). I then went onto gain experience at the Manchester & Salford Counselling Service, Oldham Council, Age-UK and Willow Wood Hospice and also served as a Company Director on the Board of MIND Manchester before setting up in private practice.

I am a writer, blogger, mental health trainer and advocate and have had work published in various academic journals and magazines including Therapy Today (BACP), Counselling Directory, The Counsellor’s Café Magazine, KEIA Wellbeing, Sounds Magazine, Manchester Evening News).

I’m a warm, creative, playful, sensitive and intuitive person with a passion for music, fun, writing, nature and travel. If you are familiar with Myers-Briggs my personality type is INFJ.

There is a silver lining to experiencing darker times in that it can unlock powerful gifts such as higher empathy, greater introspection, emotional intelligence, presence, inner-strength, sensitivity and a deeper connection to yourself and others.

Being dealt a difficult hand does not mean you are destined for a bleak future. Challenges (no matter how daunting) can transform our lives for the better.

Points to consider:

  • Although the journey may seem challenging I promise to treat you with the utmost respect as we figure a way forward together.
  • There is no need to limit yourself in our sessions (certainly no swear box!) and I promise to accept you just as you are.
  • The relationships I develop with my clients are authentic, close, meaningful and supportive.
  • My friends describe me as caring, compassionate and funny (and not just the ones I paid to say either – *groan).


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