How do you support your partner when you both have mental health issues?

Depressive and anxious episodes in others can sometines feel triggering if you already have a sensitivity towards experiencing those states. Trying to be an anchor for your loved one when you’re in a dark space yourself can feel overwhelming and you may find yourself drained, not really knowing how to give. Here’s my top-five tips for riding out the storm together.


As we herald the first anniversary of the sexual assault movement #MeToo I started to reflect on my own experiences. I’d always considered the things that happened to me weren’t bad enough to warrant disclosure and that anything which occurred must’ve been my fault anyway...

Time to Talk

Today is 'Time to Talk' Day which is all about talking about our mental health, smashing the stigma and giving us all a chance to be more open.

We all have mental health, like physical health, and it exists on a sliding scale.

Let's open the dialogue xx


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