How understanding ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT can heal us from childhood trauma

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Looking at how understanding ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT can help us to heal from childhood trauma.

When we’ve experienced childhood trauma it can be really difficult to break free from its devastating impact even many years down the line. It might make little or no sense to us why someone who was supposed to nourish and protect us could behave so cruelly, and we may find ourselves stuck in a place of deep anger, resentment, bitterness, pain and confusion.

Whilst this video isn’t a magic-wand solution in freeing ourselves from trauma (we still have to do the healing work which takes time, compassion, bags of self-love and patience) I really do hope that by understanding a little bit about arrested development you may regard it as a healing tool on your journey in the way I have.

With love and light,

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1 thought on “How understanding ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT can heal us from childhood trauma

  1. Hi Steph and wow. Your YouTube video really resonated with me. I instantly felt like I was talking to, or listening to someone who speaks the same language as me. I had a bizarrely quite similar childhood to you – and finally being able to listen & read things that are literally taking the words out my mouth is an amazing feeling, that someone understands me, how I feel, where I cannot ever seem to express it in the right way. No one around me in my life gets it, understands, feels it. It’s a lonely place to be.
    Cat like senses/vigilance. Exactly that. What a fabulous way of describing it.
    Sometimes I feel so stunted I cannot find all the right words. But you have explained it all perfectly.
    I am going to try and find more of your work and blogs etc.
    What a wonderfully open person you are with a fabulous way of engaging and making sense of a really really complex mix of emotions, at the same time as making them seem so obvious to understand.
    So glad I’ve stumbled on you.
    Diana x

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